Our System


Eyesaver hopes to establish a community with healthy vision through distributing eye screening kits and educating schools throughout Thailand. 


1.) Mail Delivery 

We distribute most of our screening kits via mail delivery, which helps us reach even the most rural areas in Thailand. If your school is interested in receiving an eye screening kit by mail, please fill out this form. 

2.) Booths 

We set up booths in the provincial offices of the Ministry of Education during school congregations. This allows us to not only distribute our kits to representatives from almost every school in the province but also educate the teachers on the screening process and eye-friendly school policies. 


3.) School Trips 

Eyesaver’s team has traveled to multiple schools across Thailand, from the heart of Bangkok to rural Chiang Mai, upon requests. This allows us to interact closely with the students, not only screening their eyesight but also teaching them about keeping their eyes in optimal condition: activities to avoid, and foods encouraged to eat. We also teach the teachers about the eye screening process, so they can effectively administer these tests on their own in the future. This delocalization method also spread the word about Eyesaver to other schools. 


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